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SBF – sea incl. online course


The sport boat license sea is the official sport boat license for driving motorized boats, which were built for sports and recreational purposes.



The sport boat license (SBL Sea) is the official sport boat license for the guidance of motorized boats, which were built for sport and leisure purposes, within the scope of the maritime traffic order, d. H. on the shipping lanes (three nautical miles zone and fairway within the twelve nautical miles zone). It is mandatory when driving vehicles with a power to the screw of more than 11.03 kW (15 hp). Unlike inland navigation, there is no restriction on the hull length of the boat. The skipper can choose a suitable helmsman who does not need a driver’s license. The sport boat license sea does not include the sport boat license within and does not require the possession of the Sportbootführerschein Binnen.

online course

Our online courses are from Delius-Klasing Verlag in cooperation with the Verband Deutscher Sportbootschulen e. V.(VDS).
The sports boat license for the lake is the driving license required by the Federal Minister of Transport to drive a sports boat with more than 15 hp on coastal waters.
The exam is carried out using the “multiple choice” procedure and has a modular structure.
In contrast to the standard access from Delius-Klasing Verlag for 39.90 euros, we offer you premium access with many additional services, which together result in a complete driver’s license course:
+ 8-week premium access to the online course,
+ 2 days of navigation lessons (group lessons) in the sailing school,
+ 2 practical driving lessons (45 minutes each) on our motorboat,
+ practical test drive,
+ Email support

It is recommended to take the navigation lessons and practical training 2 days before the exam weekend.

The access data will be sent by email one day after registration at the latest. Payment is conveniently made by bank transfer within 10 days.
The 8-week period only applies to the online course and begins with the first login.
Practice and navigation lessons must be completed within one year.


  • Minimum age: 16 years
  • Medical certificate (vision / general health)
  • Driver’s license or certificate of good conduct “O”
  • A passport photo


  • Theory tasks: navigation, seamanship, collision avoidance rules, maritime order, meteorology, vehicle guidance and environmental protection.
  • Practice – Tasks: Maneuvers and knots



from 04/24/23 every 14 days


*430,00 € per person

*plus examination fees and teaching materials