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Warnemünde – Stockholm


This cruise takes you from the Baltic Sea to Öresund and then on to the Kattegat and Skargerrak. From here it goes into the beautiful fjord towards Oslo.


The cruise from Warnemünde to Stockholm
Our route first takes us to the Danish sunny island of Bornholm. From there we head through the Kalmarsund, where the next harbor, Kalmar, awaits us at the narrowest point. The next day, the last half of the 137 km long island of Öland is passed with the day’s destination being one of Sweden’s most popular vacation islands: Gotland.

From Visby we sail on to Nynäshamn, the southernmost point of the Stockholm archipelago. From here, no fewer than 30,000 islands and islets await us – some inhabited, some uninhabited, until we reach the sailing mecca of Stockholm, Sandhamn on the island of Sandön. On the last day of sailing, we sail once again through the Stockholm archipelago to our destination port: Stockholm.


23.06.24 – 27.06.24


Class40 650,00 € / p.p.
Ember Sea 850,00 € / p.p.