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Sailing license Yacht


For leisure captains – modularly constructed, the training puts clear focus on the practical action of the sailor on board.



Would you like to finally learn how to sail professionally? Have you been thinking about taking a sailing course for a long time? Then let’s go to Rostock: after passing the exam you will not only get a certificate, but a yacht certificate!

The sailing course takes place in Rostock Warnemünde and Valencia. The course provides all the knowledge about sailing and therefore takes about six days. The sailing course is divided into 30 hours of practical lessons and 10 hours of theoretical lessons. The sailing course has a modular structure, especially with the points of seamanship and harbor maneuvers. The individual lessons here are seamanship, sailing, weather, harbor maneuvers and law. Additional modules are, for example, navigation and tidal science. But you will also be taught spinnaker and gennaker sailing. The individual modules can also be carried out at many other VDS schools.

The knowledge that is imparted to you during the theoretical phase is very concentrated and is imparted by an experienced professional – after all, sailing is about practical experience. The focus of the sailing course is therefore on the flexible and safe handling of the sailboat. After the sailing course you should be fit on both inland and coastal waters. For example, you can train and practice the man overboard maneuver for various situations. The sailing course also teaches you how to set your sail independently and effectively.

At the end of the sailing course, you will demonstrate your skills in an exam. You can complete these at around 200 member schools without waiting and effort. Afterwards your yacht license will finally be issued and you can heat alone and independently over the water in the future!



  • Training for the first time with a clear focus »SAILING»
  • Concentrated theoretical knowledge and compact testing
  • Examination without waiting time and time-consuming bureaucracy (also abroad)
  • in more than 200 VDS member schools


  • Module Yacht sailing with focus on sea crew and harbour maneuvers (among others)
  • Additional module Navigation
  • Additional module electricity and tide science
  • Additional module Spinnaker/Gennaker Sailing


Sailing/Sea Crew/Port Maneuvers/Weather/Law
30h practice
10h Theory
50 Questions (MC)

15h practice
10h Theory

Electricity and tidal science
10h Theory

Spinnaker/Gennaker Sailing
15h practice
5h Theory

Training and examination of the VDS sailing certificates are carried out on the basis of the training and examination regulations as well as the implementing directive of the VDS (10/2014). The training is modular. Individual modules can be purchased at different VDS schools.


every 14 days from 07.04.24




From €560.00 per person

*Basic model plus € 70 examination fee and € 34.90 textbook