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Give away a bit of freedom with our “Yacht sailing” voucher – perfect for all budding leisure captains and water lovers!


Give away a piece of freedom with our “Yacht sailing” voucher. After passing the exam, the VDS-certified yacht license awaits. In this basic module, in 30 practical hours and 10 theory hours, everything is taught that is needed to be able to jet across the water independently and safely! Additional modules on the topics of navigation, tidal science and spinnaker and gennaker sailing can be booked on request. Perfect for all budding recreational captains and water rats!

For leisure captains

With its modular structure, the training places a clear focus on the practical action of the sailor on board.

Would you like to finally learn how to sail professionally? Have you thought about taking a sailing course for a long time? Then let’s go to Rostock: After passing the exam, you will not just get any license issued here, but our yacht license, certified according to VDS guidelines!

The sailing course takes place in Rostock Warnemünde and Valencia. Since the course provides everything you need to know about sailing, it takes about six days. The basic module “yacht sailing” is divided into 30 hours of practical lessons and 10 hours of theory lessons with a focus on seamanship and port maneuvers. The individual teaching units are among others Seamanship, sailing, weather, port maneuvers and law.

Additional modules such as “navigation”, “tidal science” and “spinnaker and gennaker sailing” can also be booked.

If you want to catch up on one of these additional modules later on, you can do so at many other VDS locations.

Since sailing is about practical experience, this part is particularly important to us. The focus is on flexible and safe handling of the sailboat. The knowledge that you are taught during the theory phase is very concentrated and is imparted by an experienced professional.

Our goal is to make you fit for both inland and coastal waters. For example, you can train and practice the man-over-board maneuver for different situations in the basic module, or how to adjust your sail independently and effectively.

At the end of the sailing course, you will demonstrate your skills in an exam. You can complete these at around 200 member schools without waiting and effort. You will then be issued your long-awaited yacht license, and in future you will be able to heat over the water by yourself!

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